We offer the only online Foam Custom cutting service in New Zealand. We also carry the widest range of foams in New Zealand. There are a wide variety of foams for a wide variety of purposes, from inexpensive packaging foams to open pore foams used for outdoor furniture.



Para Rubber is the largest group of retail stores with the ability to cut a wide variety of foams to size.

Not all foams are the same. Some commonly used mattress foams break down within a year and can become mouldy. We sell only the correct foam for the application and purpose you require. The most common foams are PU foams, or polyurethane foams.

They are generally classified by two measures.

  • The first is DENSITY. In general, the higher the density, the more durable the foam is, so the better it will perform over time.
  • The second is HARDNESS or Firmness. This is related to the comfort of the foam. It is a subjective measure because hard foams are not necessarily more long lasting.
  • The final aspect with our PU foams is how they are treated. Many are treated with ULTRAFRESH, which inhibits growth of bacteria and fungi, and so the foam retains its freshness